Which is to be the master?

Which is to be the master? is a mixture of documentary and fiction movie. Documentary part of the movie is a radio interview with Raphael Zarka, an artist and author of two books on skateboarding, who explains his perception and outlook on skateboarding and particularly public space.  At the same time, we also observe a story about a young woman who takes a cab and collects portraits of cab drivers. The story is about her relationship with her boyfriend whose passion is skateboarding. 

Sylvain Robineau about his movie:

“You´re still skating, how old are you?” , my mother often sarcastically asks me. I don´t blame her, I can easily understand how strange it must be for her to picture her 32 year old son pushing on a plank of wood, as some kind of retard – to go after what, after who?

It´s not her fault, I just haven´t manage to educate her. When I was just a teenager, I didn´t have the words nor the hindsight to express what endlessly pushed me to mount my moped to reach the city and my friends – my skateboard methodically tied to my luggage rack with some strap.

In his essay “The forbidden concurrence, notes on skateboarding”, author Raphaël Zarka proposes some kind of introduction to skateboarding, via simple yet smart concepts about the notion of game and pleasure, and about a form of reappropriation of the city by its users. As I put the book down, it appeared to me to be the educational tool I had always lacked to educate my parents about what skateboarding is.

When one is haunted with a voracious passion, only one thing matters: to satisfy it. It´s in this state of mind that I wrote and directed this movie, incorporating Raphaël Zarka´s didactic speech into a love story of sorts, giving birth to what could be called a docu-fiction.

Passion is but a form of love; in that, it can be exclusive and destructive. I made this movie as I walked out of a long relationship, which is why I naturally felt the need to place the action in the context of a love story. Should one compromise, or give up one´s passion, to spare the other? Or should one just yield to it?

Personally, I think passions have all excuses.”

[From the genesis of the movie, taken from quiseralemaitre site ]

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You can find the original genesis and more info on the official website.

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