• Spot review
  • Love park

    So-called Love park (official name was JFK Plaza) in Philadelphia, was one of the most known street skateboarding spots. Skateboarding there was legal only on special occasions and now the park is facing a major reconstruction. It is planned to reopen in 2017. Original design by the city planner Edmund Bacon and architect Vicent Kling […]

  • DIY spot/skatepark review
  • Burnside skatepark

    Burnside skatepark is a really unique DIY skatepark project which began in 1990 in Portland, Oregon. It´s probably the oldest D.I.Y. concrete skatepark in the world, celebrating its 26th anniversary this year. It is an interesting place built without any permission and unpredictable future. Burnside skatepark is a perfect example of how can skateboarders claim […]