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  • De La Mar Bella

    La Marbella is basically a bowl park with a snake-run, ditch zone, 0.9-1.2m deep bowl with a 1.8m extension, one 1.2-1.5m bowl which connects to a 2.5-3m deep end with a little bit of pool coping.  At the upper level of the skatepark is also a small street area with stairs, rails and banks. From the architects: […]

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  • Pietrasanta skate plaza

    Town of Pietrasanta is known of the marble mined in the Apennine Mountains along the Tuscan coast. They had a 50,000 € budget to build a skatepark, except instead of constructing regular (possibly a modular skatepark) skatepark, they came up with a creative solution. Through cooperation with the municipality and local marble yards locals searched marble […]

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  • Olari Skatepark

    Olari skatepark is located in the city of Espoo, Finland. It was designed by Janne Saario and built by Concrete Proof & Beaver Concrete. It blends perfectly into its environment by twisting around a steep 5 meters high bedrock. The rock lies on a small hill between two pedestrian paths with 3 meters height difference. […]

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  • Les Corts Skatepark

    SCOB Architecture & Landscape: The program presents this new skatepark as a skate-square. The project works with the limits of the area, taking advantage of the gradients and the containment of the slopes in order to place all the elements for skateboarding. These are configured as walls, inclined planes, stairs, steps, platforms, benches, handrails, etc.., […]

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  • Lemvig Skatepark

    In the spring of 2013, Lemvig Municipality faced a group of citizens eager to transform an empty industrial lot on the city’s harbour front into an area of leisure and recreation. In order to meet the demands of the local population, EFFEKT worked closely with representatives from different user groups to develop a new type of […]

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  • Kampsa skatepark

    Documentary about twenty years of existence of Kampsa, squatted house in 1992, on the border between Pasaia and San Sebastian, in Basque Country. Music, skateboarding and post-nuclear environments, to remember some stories that would otherwise end up sinking forever, in the mud of Pasaia. Two decades of self-management and shared illusions. Two decades of parties, […]