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  • Skateboarding, Action, and Architecture

    Brandon Joyce of PIFAS shares his inexpert opinions on how it is action that anoints architecture with meaning. Calling on street-skating as a high model, he writes about how use, misuse, and transformation can override— or even negate— intent and expression in architectural design. This is a copied essay with Brandon´s permission. Originally posted on […]

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  • Kingpin interview with Daniel Yabar

    Kingpin mag interviewed Spanish skateboarder and architect Daniel Yabar. He is known for his playful and creative approach to design skate terrains which can be seen in his work. In the interview, he also shares his philosophy on skatepark design and his thought on skateboarding becoming an Olympic sport. Below you can see an example of […]

  • Book review
  • Skateboarding, space and the city

    Skateboarding, Space and the City is a skateboarding/architectural book that explores the relationship between the subculture and activity of skateboarding within the urban environment. “The first and still the most comprehensive study to date of a subject which is often dismissed as child’s play, but which in fact has made a significant and unique contribution to […]