• Book review
  • DIY/Underground Skateparks

    “DIY/Underground Skateparks” is full of stunning colour photographs of DIY skateparks from around the world. These photos reveal an authentic, unsentimental view of an often over glamorised subculture. DIY can be described as a movement within skateboarding which operates outside civic and societal norms. Through the utilisation of skater-constructed spaces, which are ordinarily, an adaptation of existing, […]

  • Spot review
  • Love park

    So-called Love park (official name was JFK Plaza) in Philadelphia, was one of the most known street skateboarding spots. Skateboarding there was legal only on special occasions and now the park is facing a major reconstruction. It is planned to reopen in 2017. Original design by the city planner Edmund Bacon and architect Vicent Kling […]

  • Documentaries
  • Which is to be the master?

    Which is to be the master? is a mixture of documentary and fiction movie. Documentary part of the movie is a radio interview with Raphael Zarka, an artist and author of two books on skateboarding, who explains his perception and outlook on skateboarding and particularly public space.  At the same time, we also observe a […]

  • DIY spot/skatepark review
  • Burnside skatepark

    Burnside skatepark is a really unique DIY skatepark project which began in 1990 in Portland, Oregon. It´s probably the oldest D.I.Y. concrete skatepark in the world, celebrating its 26th anniversary this year. It is an interesting place built without any permission and unpredictable future. Burnside skatepark is a perfect example of how can skateboarders claim […]

  • Spot review
  • First skateable pool

    It was in 1939 when the first skateable swimming pool was built in Finland. Designed by world-famous architect Alvar Aalto who had no idea about skateboarding when he drew it. The first skateable pool was designed as part of the Villa Mairea which is one of Aalto´s most known architectural works. It had been completed more than […]

  • Book review
  • Skateboarding, space and the city

    Skateboarding, Space and the City is a skateboarding/architectural book that explores the relationship between the subculture and activity of skateboarding within the urban environment. “The first and still the most comprehensive study to date of a subject which is often dismissed as child’s play, but which in fact has made a significant and unique contribution to […]