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  • Lightbox: Hockey

    John Magnusson, aka J-Mag, one of the understated driving forces behind the thriving Malmö skate scene once had a career in Hockey – it is perhaps through this that he brings a wider skill set and work ethic to his job developing the skate scenes in Malmö and beyond with his colleagues at Bryggeriet skate […]

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  • Bryggeriet Documentary

    “In May of 2012, I was fortunate enough to spend nearly 3 weeks documenting a group of teenagers as they went about their daily routine at Bryggeriets Gymnasium, a high school in Malmö. What makes Bryggeriet such a unique educational experience is that skateboarding actually plays a role in the school curriculum. Each morning the […]

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  • Gustav Eden

    Gustav Eden is a Skateboarding Coordinator for The City of Malmö (Sweden). I had a chance to meet him personally when I was in Malmö this year and he gave me a tour around the city. He showed me newly completed Nobel square (Nobeltorget) which is the first “skate friendly” designed square in Malmö and one […]