GAME Streetmekka

As the name suggests, Streetmekka is a facility for street culture and it represents a different reuse of disused architecture that was once a train shed which belonged to Denmark’s national rail company. 

The project is a result of a partnership between Esbjerg Kommune, Realdania, TrygFonden, Nordea-fonden and GAME Denmark. In the coming years, GAME hopes to establish similar facilities not only in Denmark but also in other countries around the globe with the goal of helping youth through street culture. 

The designers behind this pilot project are EFFEKT Architects who have focused on keeping the existing industrial shell and embracing outdoor space that can be occupied by youth. They enabled great connectivity between exterior and interior ensuring synergy between all activities. Among skateboarding, there is also a place for dancing, street basketball, parkour, futsal and more.

Abandoned and disused architecture is an ideal environment withing street culture can flourish. Many illegal D.I.Y. skateparks are set in such ideal environment and the idea behind GAME Streetmekka is in a way a legal reinterpretation of an illegal skatepark or a squat. Such spaces have the potential to offer a new kind of urban space accessible to a broader community. 

“The brief was equally exiting and ambiguous; is it even possible to create a framework for the unorganized sports that thrive with spontaneous participation and fluctuating schedules? And can we do so without compromising the cultural heritage of the existing industrial setting? We believe that with this project we prove that we can. Rather than taking the tabula rasa approach deleting history we chose to recycle and reinterpret the circular typology of the train engine depot and turn it into a hybrid of industrial heritage and social activity space.” Tue Hesselberg Foged, EFFEKT Partner, from Archdaily

Images are courtesy of EFFEKT

Streetmekka is a prominent reminder of importance and value of both; disused urban spaces and skateboarding as street culture and not as competitive sport. Although EFFEKT uses the term”sport”, both skateparks in Streetmekka function as public urban space and not like standardised Street Leauge courses designed specifically for skateboarding (competitions).

 Images are courtesy of EFFEKT

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