SNE Architects: Rabalderparken is a large-scale park with drainage canals and water reservoirs collecting rainwater from adjacent areas of the city. The concrete water canal stretches through a series of hills towards a man-made lake created to collect the rainwater. In a flooding situation, the canals will lead the collected rainwater to 3 open basins. Both the canal and the reservoirs have been designed to be suitable for skating and BMX etc. This ensures the attraction and usability of the area throughout the entire year, and it will not be left as an unused wasteland in dry weather.

The overall theme of the park is a celebration of free movement and the flow of water. In addition to the skate and BMX facilities, a range of fitness equipment, trampolines etc. has been installed, as well as paths for running, parkour equipment and many other designated activities. But the park is also a place for quiet rest, recreation and slow activities such as walking the dog. The city park is a generous space, where activity and recreational needs meet.

©Featured image: DroneRune

©Photos and featured image: DroneRune


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