Olari Skatepark

Olari skatepark is located in the city of Espoo, Finland. It was designed by Janne Saario and built by Concrete Proof & Beaver Concrete. It blends perfectly into its environment by twisting around a steep 5 meters high bedrock. The rock lies on a small hill between two pedestrian paths with 3 meters height difference. The design is trying to adapt to this situation.

© Janne Saario

taken from: Google maps

The concrete surface skirts the shape of the rock in different levels and tries to create interesting situations; skatewise and aestethically. The park is terraced to several levels that lead the way down the hill and around the bedrock. The rock also works as a grandstand to have a good lookout on the skatepark.

When the building of the technically demanding obstacles was completed, it was noted that it would be possible to connect a small area suitable for skating. In the spirit of “skaters for skaters” Concrete Proof prepared and donated the area as an extra work to support local skateboarding community.


© Janne Saario

© Janne Saario

© Janne Saario


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