Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (Museum of Contemporary Art) simply referred to as the MACBA draws crowds of people for its exhibitions but there´s a surprising scene just outside of it which is drawing crowds of skateboarders all on its own. This congregation of skaters and spectators has become a regular feature in the front yard of the museum. Despite none of the ledges were intentionally designed for skating – MACBA became one of the most well-known and respected places for modern skateboarding. 

What is so special about MACBA is that there is so much obstacles to skate. Probably the most legendary were “the big 4” stairs which became “big 3” in the december of 2009 when the front yard of the museum was redesigned. There is also a set of 7 long stairs and another 8 stairs that were built in 2009 where was once a “hole ledge”. On the front, they built a new ledge in front of the museum´s door, which is basically a reconstruction of the “hole ledge” but a smaller version.

Three main changes of MACBA in 2009


Meier embraced the difficult task of creating a building that would ultimately display a variety of contemporary artworks that were unknown to him at the time of design. The choice to build the museum in the Plaça dels Ángels is consistent with Meier’s vision to situate the building amongst some of Barcelona’s oldest streets and buildings, in addition to revamping the public space of the Raval.

After the completion of the $35 million construction, local media referred to the museum as “the pearl” amongst the old architecture and narrow streets just a few blocks from Gothic center of Barcelona. The building’s architectural style has strong references to Modernism. The large (120 by 35 meters) white building has much of its southern elevation glazed, providing the visitor with views across the plaza, and allowing for an abundance of natural light to illuminate the interior galleries. The museum has three main galleries, which can be subdivided, as well as five smaller galleries, one of which is in a tower.

Another contemporary art museum, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), is adjacent to MACBA, and accessible both from the street and from the inner patio. The surrounding square and architecture outside of the museum is among the most well-known and respected places for modern skateboarding. Together with surrounding places in Barcelona, it is a meeting ground in youth culture due to its reputation in the world of skateboarding photography and cinema.

Between The Lines is a short Skateboarding documentary about Barcelona skate lifestyle In this episode mainly focusing on the importance of MACBA as the center of skateboarding in Europe.

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