Gustav Eden

Gustav Eden is a Skateboarding Coordinator for The City of Malmö (Sweden). I had a chance to meet him personally when I was in Malmö this year and he gave me a tour around the city. He showed me newly completed Nobel square (Nobeltorget) which is the first “skate friendly” designed square in Malmö and one of the first in Europe. Skateboarders don´t want to destroy public property, they just want to have fun skating. So the problem is not the skaters but the design that has to be “adjusted” to the users of a public space and Nobeltorget is the perfect example of such public space. Yet there are more skate spots that Gustav and other skaters managed to claim in their hometown. It was a really nice experience meeting this guy and seeing how much has changed in Malmö since my last visit. I wasn´t planning a blog at that time so I didn´t make an interview with Gustav, but thanks to the Free Skateboard Magazine you can read his interview and it´s more than worth reading.







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