De La Mar Bella

La Marbella is basically a bowl park with a snake-run, ditch zone, 0.9-1.2m deep bowl with a 1.8m extension, one 1.2-1.5m bowl which connects to a 2.5-3m deep end with a little bit of pool coping.  At the upper level of the skatepark is also a small street area with stairs, rails and banks.

From the architects:

The program defines a multi purpose skate zone with various areas and levels of difficulty: a street area on the upper part, which will operate as the entrance door, a snake run area that will allow long run skateboarding and an area at the end with three pools. The skate park is thought of as a new artificial topography, like a set of dunes built into the terrain that makes use of its incline towards the sea front, following the Poble Nou Park’s strategy. It also seeks a good relationship of continuity with the existing vegetation and the paths that arrive to and mark out the intervention area.

©SCOB architects

©SCOB architects

©SCOB architects

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