Bryggeriet Documentary

“In May of 2012, I was fortunate enough to spend nearly 3 weeks documenting a group of teenagers as they went about their daily routine at Bryggeriets Gymnasium, a high school in Malmö. What makes Bryggeriet such a unique educational experience is that skateboarding actually plays a role in the school curriculum. Each morning the kids attend all the regular classes, such as Math, History and English. But come afternoon, they go to skate class. The skate lessons are usually held inside the park at Bryggeriet, and some days, the kids even go skate the streets of Malmö and nearby Copenhagen.

Often times, skateboarders are very motivated, driven individuals. Bryggeriet aims to take some of that motivation and direct it toward the more traditional courses in the educational system. The goal is to show students that they can actually use skateboarding to get the skills they need for life.”

Words by Chris Mulhern




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