Bridge & Tunnel

Bridge & Tunnel is a short essay written by James Morley and published by King Shit magazine.


Rather than passing through spaces, we occupy them and travel between them based off of our own needs that they could fulfill. While our goal through this appropriation of space is productive, vanilla citizens and property owners view it as an act of destruction. Our unique approach to their spaces unnerves them, as shown by their attempts to dissuade us. The incorporation of defensive architecture in these spaces, such as knobs on ledge, ridges in the ground, or prohibitive placement of planters, lets us know that we are not welcome. This notion can be attributed to a standard city-planning practice where decisions are made based off of the “best use of space.” We do not bring value to these city venues, so the space is not designated for us, no matter how “public” they may be. – James Morley, Bridge & Tunnel, King Shit Magazine


© James Morley

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