Unknown Terrains is an independent and non-conformist blog that focuses on the skateboarding in a broader sense, including its social aspects and its relationship with the physical structure and architecture on a local and global scale.

“[Skateboarding] is a challenge to our everyday concepts of the functions of buildings, and to the closed world we create for ourselves out of this massively unlimited city.” – Tom Hodgkinson,

`Rad, Mad and Dangerous to Know?´, Midweek, London, (18 January 1990)

Unknown Terrains collects and reviews critical articles, books, videos from skateboarding magazines and other sources on a given topic. It examines topics that are important to the future of skateboarding and living in the urban regions from a variety of perspectives and contexts.

Unknown Terrains is edited in Europe, Slovenia where the local scene is easily observed.Therefore the combination of local and global projects, created from different backgrounds offers new insights into the complex phenomena of “skateable” architecture”.

“Transform the world” – all well and good. It is being transformed. But into what? Here, at your feet, is one small but crucial element in that mutation.” – Henri Lefebvre

Unknown Terrains functions as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, stories and ideas on a local and global scale. If you want to contribute ideas, content or just want to ask a question please write to info@unknownterrains.com

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