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  • De La Mar Bella

    La Marbella is basically a bowl park with a snake-run, ditch zone, 0.9-1.2m deep bowl with a 1.8m extension, one 1.2-1.5m bowl which connects to a 2.5-3m deep end with a little bit of pool coping.  At the upper level of the skatepark is also a small street area with stairs, rails and banks. From the architects: […]

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  • Pushing Myanmar

    Pushing Myanmar documents the change a free community skatepark has created in Yangon, Myanmar. Filmed between March 2016 and May 2017 the film is the third in a series that has documented the Myanmar skateboard scene beginning in 2009 with the Award Winning ‘Altered Focus: Burma’ before the Burmese language follow-up ‘Youth of Yangon’ in 2013.  […]

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  • Janne Saario

    Interview from EASA 2012: Wastelands magazine  Skateboarding has carried Janne across the world to explore different kinds of environments to skate in. Nowadays, after his career as a pro skater, he is focusing more on his one-man office to design surroundings for skateboarding. ”For me, skateboarding works as a good counterbalance for design work, and […]

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  • Sulvilahti DIY

    Constructing of the Suvilahti DIY skatepark started in spring 2011 when the Finnish Skateboard Association rented 900m2 of empty property from the city of Helsinki. A group of local skaters got together and started raising money from the private sector to build a kind of concrete skatepark that didn’t yet exist in Finland. By the […]

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  • Rabalderparken

    SNE Architects: Rabalderparken is a large-scale park with drainage canals and water reservoirs collecting rainwater from adjacent areas of the city. The concrete water canal stretches through a series of hills towards a man-made lake created to collect the rainwater. In a flooding situation, the canals will lead the collected rainwater to 3 open basins. […]

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  • Artifacts of Exclusion

    Video and text by James Morley.  The ideals of modernization and utopia that were influential in the design of present day urban space have changed our experience of the city environment. Excessive imagery, visually stimulating architecture, and emphasis on the automobile and the construction of roads have all ultimately reduced inter-human experience and managed to […]